• Factory X Muay Thai David M

    There's no way I could more highly recommend a place than this. Top caliber coaches top caliber Jim Topp caliber team, this place stands above the rest. If you are serious want to be serious or just want to have fun this gym has something for you. Great family friendly environment with tons of positive role models. Must try.

    David M
  • Factory X Muay Thai Cody A.

    Sick facility with AMAZING talent here. Full of UFC, Strikeforce, & Bellator vets. Kru Montoya's record and 2012 Coach of the Year award speak for themselves. JJ Pugsly is an excellent Jiu Jitsu Professor and the team is a bunch of hard core Mo-Fo's. American Olympians for wrestling coaches? Seriously? Even the youth program is taught by a former TUF contestant, current CO Pro and pretty cool dude. From self-defense to World Champions and everything in between, this place is no joke. As a former fight teamer at the Factory, I speak from experience. Just don't feel too bad when Marc's wife smashes you in CrossFit (she will).

    Cody A.
  • Factory X Muay Thai Rachel M.

    Our son started here about 2 months ago in BJJ classes, and he loves it! Chase is his regular instructor and does a phenomenal job with the younger kids, giving equal attention and training to each kid while maintaining overall class control and fun.

    It's also cool for adults, and to have the kids be training near adults so they can see the potential of the training and discipline is awesome.

    Rachel M.
  • Factory X Muay Thai Chris L.

    It can be pretty intimidating entering a gym with no experience, but even more so at a gym with top ranked fighters in almost all the current major promotions. What you don't see on tv is how nice and welcoming everyone is, and how willing they are to help you grow and reach your goals.

    If you are looking to learn more about Muay Thai/Kickboxing, or Brazilian jujitsu, as a hobby or with future aspirations to compete, you really can't find too many other gyms that will set you up for success like Factory X.

    For those who want to shed a few pounds and stay healthy, flexible, and active, or even compete one day the open Muay Thai classes through the week will guarantee over 1,000+ calories burned a night and a ton of learning. Trust me, it's much more fun than the stairclimber/treadmill and much easier in a group based environment. Come try it out!

    I have been training there for several years now (Muay Thai) and I am grateful to be part of such an awesome group of martial artists.

    Chris L.


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