Heartbroken for you @ianheinischmma 

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I was 100% physically and mentally ready for tonight I worked so hard for this fight. My coaches, manager, teammates, family and sponsors came out to support me through this whole process. Unfortunately my opponent is going through some health issues right now and he pulled out of the fight. Even though I am so heartbroken and so angry at him 💔. I know God has a bigger plan and I pray he is okay. Thank you to all my family, friends, sponsors, manager, teammates and coaches I love you all and I am sorry I won’t be able to put a show on tonight! Thank you to @mickmaynard2 and the @ufc for the opportunity I’ll be back soon and more ready than ever! @ufc @factoryxmuaythaimma @landowperformance @erictelly @riglie @coachmarcmontoya @mcbusy @iridiumsportsagency @thehanyakdj @g_____1000 @joni_qualm @fitfuninsun @nsmock

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